Red Tigers Eye Healing Crystal Lamp


Introducing the captivating allure of Red Tiger’s Eye Healing Crystal lamp that combines elegance and holistic benefits.

Illuminate your life with the enchanting embrace of the Red Tiger’s Eye – a beacon of light, protection, and serenity that invites you to bask in its subtle yet profound radiance.


A crystal that ignites the senses and commands attention. With its rich crimson hue and mesmerising chatoyant bands, each band tells a story of strength and vitality. Red Tiger’s Eye exudes a fiery energy that empowers and inspires. Let its passionate tones be a symbol of courage and determination. Meditating with red tiger’s eye can help to enhance focus, clarity, and insight, allowing for a deeper connection to one’s inner self. It is often used in manifestation practices, helping individuals align their intentions with their actions to achieve their desires.

Appreciate the fierce beauty of Red Tiger’s Eye and let your creativity roar.

Whether displayed as an exquisite decor piece or during moments of meditation, embrace the beauty of Red Tiger’s Eye as it enhances your determination, aids in manifesting your desires, and fosters a profound connection with your inner power. Let this beautiful crystal be a radiant addition to your collection, a symbol of strength, and a conduit for your intentions.

Healing properties include:

🧿Enhance confidence and courage.

🧿Promotes a sense of safety & security.

🧿Protect you against negative energies.

🧿 Ignite motivation and passion.

Physical conditions:

🧿Overall strength and vitality.

Mental health/ emotional conditions:

🧿Calms anger and irritability.

🧿Brings enthusiasm and optimism.

Star signs: Capricorn

Chakra light therapy offers a myriad of benefits, making it an essential tool for holistic well-being. From relaxation to insight into our spiritual journey, it helps us unlock our true potential and navigate life’s challenges with grace.

Let’s delve into the root chakra, the foundation of our sense of security and survival instincts. Picture bathing in the warm glow of red root chakra lights, grounding yourself deeply in the present moment while infusing your daily life with spiritual richness and vitality.

And when it comes to enhancing the power of the root chakra, Red Tiger’s Eye emerges as a potent ally. With its mesmerising hues and powerful energy, it further anchors us to the earth’s energy, empowering us to overcome obstacles and embrace life with newfound strength and resilience.


Chakra: Root

Element: Fire

Transform your living space into a haven of serenity with the captivating allure of the Red tiger’s eye Healing Crystal Lamp.

Watch as this lamp creates an endearing glow that draws you in! A perfect one- of- a kind gift idea

⚠️ Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a healthcare professional.

This product is made from: a recycled glass bottle, Red Tiger’s Eye healing crystal and red fairy lights.

There is a little switch at the back of the cork light that you can turn on and off.

LR44 coin batteries included. Please keep out of the reach of children.


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