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Hello! I’m Crystal, a former children’s allergy nurse who turned into a business owner and entrepreneur. I’m eager to share how my personal journey of healing with crystals inspired my business idea. Following the covid pandemic and the breakdown of my engagement, my mental health suffered, leading me to question my purpose. In my quest for self-discovery, I stumbled upon healing crystals and immediately fell in love with them. Although I knew I wanted to start a new business, I wasn’t certain about the field. Then, a colleague, inspired by my name, suggested exploring the world of ‘healing crystals.’ This idea sparked a fusion within me—I combined my original concept of wedding centrepieces with the healing power of crystals, giving birth to Crystal’s Healing Lights!

My passion for healing crystals gave me the confidence to embark on this new business venture. If you adore all things crystal or seek something deeply personal, I invite you to explore my website and social media channels. Discover a world of healing crystal products, intricately engraved gifts, and truly unique wellness decor that’s unparalleled.

If you would like to learn more about energy healing, in my case crystal healing and how it changed my life please join us! I will be sharing my story on energy healing: An holistic pathway to wellbeing and self realisation at 12:00- 12:30.

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Crystal Johns/ Crystal’s Healing Lights 


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