About Us

Crystal Johns


✨ Discover the Enchanting Power of Crystal aka the Owner! ✨

Small in size yet immense in impact, Crystal is your go-to source for igniting creativity, sparking enthusiasm, and enhancing focus. With her unique magic of healing crystals, she’s on a mission to infuse your life with tranquillity and calm.

Transform your home, garden, or even your special wedding day into a realm of enchantment with our exquisite collection of crystal products and wedding décor!

At the heart of Crystal’s journey is the joy of customer satisfaction. Step into a world where each crystal tells a story, and every selection brings a promise of peace, creativity, and harmony.


✨ Meet the Sales Wizard of Our Team! ✨

With a charisma that can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, she’s the mastermind driving our sales to dazzling heights. Imagine someone who could sell ice to an Eskimo – that’s her, with her unbeatable charm.

More than just a sales guru, she’s the backbone of our business, our pillar of strength and support. Her incredible talent and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable part of our journey. She is my superstar sister.



🚚 Introducing Our Festival Fairy Godfather: The King of Transport! 🚚

Meet the unsung hero of our journey, the glorified taxi driver who’s much more than just a wheelman. He’s the driving force that brings our creations to life at fairs and festivals far and wide!

Behind every successful event is his tireless dedication, manoeuvring through streets and lanes with the grace of a seasoned pro. Call him the King of Transport, for he reigns supreme in ensuring our treasures arrive safely, timely which is questionable at times?, and in style- my dad.

He’s not just transporting goods; he’s fuelling our dreams and powering our presence at every fair. Every mile he covers, every box he loads, he does it with a passion that’s contagious and a reliability that’s unmatched.