Personalised Gifts With Engraving


Finding gift shopping hard?  Buying the same old present? Look no further, as Crystal’s Healing Lights has the perfect solution – a truly unique gift idea!

Introducing our bespoke crystal bottle lamp, where you not only select the exquisite crystal but also add a heartfelt message to be elegantly engraved on the bottle.

Imagine your loved one’s delight as they watch this magnificent keepsake illuminate their space, with the crystal sparkling and the engraved message warming their hearts.

For any special requests please email

Please allow up to 3 months for bespoke wedding orders to be made.


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Personalisation at Your Fingertips:

  1. Choose Your Crystal: Handpick your preferred crystal.
  2. Fairy Light Colour: Select the perfect fairy light colour.
  3. Ribbon Colour: Choose the ribbon that suits your style.
  4. Personalised Engraving: Share your unique engraving request in the personalisation box. REMEMBER TO TYPE YOUR MESSAGE EXACTLY AS YOU WOULD LIKE IT APPEAR and specify your crystal colour preference (if you have one).
  5. Enjoy the Compliments: Bask in the compliments as your personalised crystal gift glistens and twinkles away.


For any special requests please email

Please Note: Personalised orders may take up to 2 weeks to be made and delivered.


Behold the magic as this exquisite crystal lamp bathes the room in a warm, inviting glow, radiating your personalised message with a mesmerising sparkle that’s truly a sight to behold.

Discover the allure of a one-of-a-kind gift concept that will leave your loved one in awe.

Our beautiful bespoke crystal bottle lamp is more than just a gift; it’s a timeless treasure, a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

Envision this: your chosen crystal, your heartfelt message, and a radiant display that transforms any space into a sanctuary of elegance and emotion.  this: your chosen crystal, your heartfelt message, and a radiant display that transforms any space into a sanctuary of elegance and emotion.

This is the ideal gift – a masterpiece that transcends time, an embodiment of love and appreciation.

Witness the joy on their faces as they experience this magnificent crystal lamp coming to life, with its personalised message adding a touch of enchantment to the room.

In a world filled with ordinary presents, our bespoke crystal bottle lamp stands out as an extraordinary gesture, symbolising your thoughtfulness and uniqueness. Don’t miss your chance to present something truly exceptional – order your personalised crystal bottle lamp today and let your sentiments shine like never before!

Please Note: Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a healthcare professional.

This product is made from a recycled glass bottle, a healing crystal, and fairy lights.

There is a small switch at the back of the cork light to turn it on and off.

LR44 batteries are included.

Please keep this product out of the reach of children.


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